Exhibiting at ASEC 2023

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Rolls Royce

For over 60 years Rolls-Royce Submarines has designed, supplied, and supported the nuclear propulsion plant that provides power for all of the UK Royal Navy's nuclear submarines. They are responsible for delivering the Nuclear Steam Raising Plants, plus parts of the secondary propulsion systems to the UK Ministry of Defence, including managing assets across their full lifecycle.

Rolls-Royce Submarines is working to build a better world with nuclear, creating a dedicated pipeline of nuclear talent spanning from early careers onwards. We’re ensuring that the UK continues to be the hub for nuclear innovation and talent.

Find out more: Submarines | Rolls-Royce


Zuken is a global software company delivering electrical and electronic design solutions. Founded in 1976, Zuken has a consistent track record of technology innovation and financial stability in the electronic and electrical design automation (EDA) industry.

Zuken provides a robust lineup of system-level 2D/3D electrical and electronic toolsets (CR-8000 and E3.series), complemented by comprehensive design data and configuration management capabilities.

With the addition of the MBSE software GENESYS to its portfolio, Zuken has embraced digital transformation and, more specifically, digital engineering as the way forward.

Today, Zuken delivers world-class design solutions combining MBSE products and services with a mature, proven electrical and electronic design suite to address the needs of a broad range of industries across the globe. For more information about the company and its products,visit www.zuken.com,www.zuken.com/blog , or www.linkedin.com/company/zuken

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Ansys helps customers digitally transform their engineering activities by incorporating MBSE into their design process through Automated workflows, Tools integration, Requirements verification and Performance estimation all linked to System Architecture and Requirements. This empowers organisations to reduce their development costs, decrease the time to market, improve collaboration whilst increasing product quality and reducing risks. Ansys is the No.1 in Engineering Simulation Software and for over 50-years we have been empowering our customers to design and deliver best-in-class products.

For more information at What is Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)? (ansys.com)

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Capella is an open-source MBSE tool enabling the design of system architecture models. Natively supporting the Arcadia method, it is a comprehensive, extensible, and field-proven solution with a vibrant ecosystem and fast-growing community of users worldwide, in many industries, from small to very large and critical projects.

For more information at www.mbse-capella.org

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Founded in 2016, SII UK is part of the SII Group which spans over 18 countries with 16,000 staff delivering IT and Engineering consulting solutions. SII UK's aim is to enable businesses to design, create, develop and maintain customer programmes and products that are deployed for industry or government projects.

The services that SII provide include time & materials (T&M), work packages, fixed priced work and managed service solutions. SII deliver support across a variety of functions, including; Digital Services, System Engineering, Embedded Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Test & Simulation, IT Architecture & Infrastructure and Software Development.

SII are proud to be a transformation player that follows our core values of transparency, empowerment, quality and trust to deliver pragmatic solutions. Not just transforming our customer goals, but taking pride in developing our employees careers via training, upskilling and supporting professional development resulting in our Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification.

For more information at sii-group.com

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Enabling Model-Based Systems Engineering for Construction Projects.

The Relatics software has been developed for a single purpose: to help people understand the complexity of their challenges so that they can create sustainable solutions. It is designed to enable a large number of different project professionals to maintain control by offering a complete overview of the increasing number of dependencies between all disciplines of today’s construction projects.

Relatics crosses boundaries of complexity and helps the world enjoy beautifully engineered buildings, infrastructure, and energy solutions.

For more information at www.relatics.com

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UNITY is the management consultancy for innovation and transformation. We enable global players, midsize companies and public sector customers to master digital transformation that is future-proof and sustainable. UNITY provides impulses through its in-depth understanding of technology and turns its customers into pioneers in their industries.

UNITY is a member of the UNITY Innovation Alliance AG. This is a strong network of companies that supports its customers in the digitalization of business models, products and services through continuous expertise – from the conception to the implementation. The UNITY Innovation Alliance has a total of 800 employees, of which 380 are employed by the management consultancy.

Satisfied customers are our primary goal in all our projects. We are very proud to be the recipient of several awards in recognition for our work. Some examples of these include: The “Best of Consulting“ award from WirtschaftsWoche (5 time-winner), “Germany‘s Digital Pioneer“ from F.A.Z. and “very good employer” by the international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work®.

For more information at www.unity.de/de/

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SyntheSys Technologies

To cope with rising product complexity and significant amounts of data, modern engineering teams must improve existing methods of working whilst embracing new processes and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

SyntheSys has more than 30 years’ experience in providing systems engineering solutions to government and industry. We focus on tool-supported systems engineering where we take world-class development tools, and team them with our mentoring services and training packages, to give our Customers a competitive advantage.

Our services focus on best practice systems engineering, the role that it plays within an organisation and how this can be developed and improved to achieve wider commercial objectives. We have helped many organisations by delivering advice on processes, training and the introduction of software tools.

For sales, services and technical enquiries: call +44 (0) 1947 821 464, email: cet@synthesys.co.uk or visit: www.synthesys-technologies.co.uk.

Jama Software®

Jama Software® is focused on maximizing innovation success in multidisciplinary engineering organizations. Numerous firsts for humanity in fields such as fuel cells, electrification, space, software-defined vehicles, surgical robotics, and more all rely on Jama Connect® requirements management software to minimize the risk of defects, rework, cost overruns, and recalls.

Using Jama Connect, engineering organizations can now intelligently manage the development process by leveraging Live Traceability™ across best-of-breed tools to measurably improve outcomes. Our rapidly growing customer base spans the automotive, medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, financial services, and insurance industries.

Visit: www.jamasoftware.com to learn more.

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Scarecrow Consultants

Scarecrow Consultants Limited is a tool-independent model-based systems engineering consultancy, formed in 2014 by Prof Jon Holt and Simon Perry with a mission to ‘promote the use and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in businesses worldwide, by pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for MBSE in the real world'.

All Scarecrow Consultants are true experts in the theory and real-life application of MBSE and are recognised at an international level. Between them, the Scarecrows have written 18 books on MBSE and related topics, more books on MBSE than written by any other organisation in the world.

For more information visit: www.scarecrowconsultants.co.uk.

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Become a better engineer and enhance the skills of your team with Project Performance International (PPI). As the world's largest provider of systems engineering-based training, we have empowered over 19,000 professionals like you across 41 countries to achieve greater project success. Clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies (including industry giants like Airbus, Boeing, and Mitsubishi) have pursued improved engineering outcomes via our systems approach.

Via PPI Live-Online™ or in-person delivery you will:

  • Learn sound principles based on historical evidence, driving astute application of these principles to create value for your enterprise.
  • Discover new, efficient, actionable methods in mostly workshop format to achieve a high level of learning. Guaranteed!

“This is probably the most useful course I have done; I have learned so, so much”- Daniel Clarkson, Systems Engineer at Science and Technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom

Find us in the exhibition hall at the Annual Systems Engineering Conference ASEC 2023. Explore with us how PPI training and consulting can improve your engineering outcomes. Together, let's pursue a future of engineering excellence for value creation.

Help make the world a better place through better engineering. For more information, visit our website

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Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, is a science-based company providing solutions for innovation. We draw on various branches of science – mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geology – to break down silos of knowledge and find the most innovative, sustainable solutions for the future. For 30 years, we’ve led the global field in multidisciplinary, multiscale solutions.

A pioneer in computer-aided design founded in 1981, Dassault Systèmes has expanded into a diverse range of software categories, including 3D modelling, simulation, information intelligence, and social and collaborative processes. By creating virtual experience twins of the real world, our customers push the boundaries of innovation capable of harmonizing product, nature, and life. Almost everything around us is enabled in some way by Dassault Systèmes.

Dassault Systèmes’ corporate culture promotes a questioning mindset, exploring possibilities and connecting people to bring about meaningful change. Dassault Systèmes’ is more than 20,000 people worldwide representing 140 nationalities bringing value to over 300,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in 140 countries.

Visit: www.3ds.com