Call For Papers

INCOSE UK are inviting individuals and organisations to submit papers to be delivered at ASEC 2023.

The theme for this year’s ASEC is “Embracing the New Opportunities”. Within this we will be exploring the following subthemes:

  1. Building towards a Sustainable Future
  2. Strengthening the Systems Engineering Pipeline
  3. Systems Engineering the Bigger Picture
  4. Developing the Systems Engineering Brand
  5. Systems Engineering Specialism: Techniques and Practises

However, we are open to proposals that do not necessarily fall within a rigid theme, and are keen to accept papers based around a variety of interesting applications in Systems Engineering. All papers must be able to fill a 40-minute presentation timeslot, and should include a five-minute window to allow presenters to answer any questions from their audience.

Call For Papers #1
Call For Papers #2

As well as making all papers and presentations available on our website, we will once again be publishing a formal paper copy of the Proceedings. All papers, therefore, must use the INCOSE UK paper template, which will be provided to all authors.

If you are interested in submitting, please contact

For more Information about the Call For Papers please click below.

More information about the Call For Papers

Call For Papers - Key Dates

15th February 2023: The Call for Papers is issued.

27th March 2023: Submission of abstracts - Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words outlining your presentation topic and main points. A shortlist of presentations will be selected based on the abstracts received. Please remember to assess your proposal against the criteria in the review process guidelines. Successful authors will be invited to submit a six-page paper for review by the judging panel.

w/c 10th April 2023: Invitation to submit papers - Abstracts that INCOSE UK judge to be the best of the submissions will be notified and asked to submit a six-page paper. Authors will be issued with an official INCOSE UK paper template to format their paper.

8th May 2023: Submission deadline for six-page papers.

16th June 2023: Paper review process complete - Authors will be issued with the reviewers’ comments and successful authors will be invited to produce a final paper and asked to submit a biography and headshot to be included in the ASEC 2023 proceedings.

14th August 2023: Deadline for submission of final six-page papers, author’s biographies and headshots for the Proceedings.

w/c 23rd October 2023: Upload codes will be issued for presenters to upload their presentations.

3rd November 2023: Deadline for uploading presentations.